December 22, 2008

How's everyone? Hope you are all fine...As for me, I'm kinda sad because Miszha is kinda sick today! It's because of her cough and runny nose! I woke up 2am today because I felt Miszha's hot temperature. I cradled her and took her to my Mom's room, her LOLA MAMA and asked for the TEMPRA Drops, but unfortunately, Miszha's Aunt, KIKAY, who's celebrating her birthday right now (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, may all your wishes come true!)borrowed it when Kaire got fever and forgot to return it...

But I know, with the help of your prayers guys, Miszha will be fine :) I called Daddy to check Miszha and he told me that Miszha is still hot...Hope and pray Miszha is fine now! It's really sad when one of the members of your family is not feeling well...:(

By the way, this picture was taken when last sunday where Daddy brought Miszha to my soon to be Mother-in-law at PASIG...And since my sis got new PINK DIGICAM, of course,a picture addict like her, she took a snap shot for Miszha! I'm glad that her cybershot Digicam caught Miszha's SWEET smile :)

Please pray for Miszha's health huh?! Thanks and I will appreciate it so much!

Catch you all guys later! THREE days to go before XMAS! HAppy Holidays!

December 20, 2008

How's everybody? It's 5 days to go before Christmas :)..I know everyone is excited for the gifts that they will receive..Speaking of gift, kuya MARC also known as MARCOPAOLO and I met up last night at Robinsons Galleria...By the way, for those people and blogger who don't know, we were former officemates in ABBOTT PHILIPPINES and I made him one of the major sponsors for MISZHA.The reason why we met, beacause, first, I know he missed me so much, (wahahah..don't say a word kuya, this is my blog!) , second, he will give me ENSURE and GLUCERNA (product of ABBOTT that I know will expired soon..ehehe), third, I know it's his pay day and he told me that he will treat me , and lastly, he will give me in advance MISZHA'S gift for CHRISTMAS!

When we are on the bus on our way home, we took ourselves photos for remembrance.But, sorry guys, the bus is moving so the result was blurred :))

Lord Cm tagged me with this BLOG PRAYER BRIGADE :) Thanks Bro!


That's for now! Catch you all guys some other time :)

December 17, 2008

How's everyone? Today, my boss was not in the office because of High Blodd pressure yesterday. His B.P. was 145 over 102! That was a high one! So Porsche Service may work calmly and without pressure :)

Tomorrow will be our company's Christmas Party. Everybody was very excited because our theme will be based from High School Musical...So definitely we will wear something very high school looks like school uniform and with some school props...
It's my first Christmas here in PGA Cars Inc., that's why I am really excited about it...
Did I tell you guys that Daddy and I bought another head gear for Miszha?! It's a pink (again)head band and since we had nothing much to do we took some photos of it.. :)

Look at the head band? Isn't it cute? Look how Miszha bowed down just to kiss my lips :))
Anyway,Christmas is coming near but I still don't have gifts for my godchildren :( It's because I dont have much time to go to malls to dhop :(..I'm too busy for it..But I'm planning to shop next week :) I have money to spend :))
It's gonna be Miszha's FIRST CHRISTMAS! I, as a mother is very excited for it :)...Definitely this will be the most memorable Christmas ever, since this is the first time that will be celebrating with a baby in the house. And not just that an ordinary baby, but our own cute and adorable baby!

December 15, 2008

Well,it's been a busy day yesterday..It's monday! My head really aches for I have to do some important matters and fix things up for tomorrow... Last Sunday, the PORSCHE SERVICE TEAM, where I belong went to Alabang for the opening of new branch of AUDI... but I am not in the mood to blog it today so I'll just tell the story of it next time :)

By the way, I've been receiving different tags these past few days, and I am thankful for the people who consider me as their friend...and I have been tag again by sis bhem jhoice of an extra-ordinary tag..I think this is really the toughest tag I have received :)
Here's the rule :

“The rules are simple. Use Google Images to search for the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.”
Now let's get it on!

1. the age of my next birthday

2. Place I would like to travel

3. My favorite place

4. My favorite thing

5.My favorite food

6. My favorite color

7. The city i reside now

8. the city I was born

9. My college major

10. Name of your first love

11. A bad habit

12. My hobby

13. My wish list
Enjoy blogging guys..catch you later!

December 13, 2008

I think its gonna be our pay day today! so chill:)whoa!hurray!


Here are the photos of mom's birthday celebration :)

This is my mom and my little girl :) (Lola Mama)

Miszha is holding the menu as if she knew what she is pointing :)

It's obvious that its all Miszha's Photos right?Wahahahahah!It's Saturday, so....

Catch you all guys later!Here are some thoughts to ponder :)


December 11, 2008

Its my mom's birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Remember what I have posted yesterday? I told you guys that we might not celebrate it together because of my cousin's marriage? Well, luckily "MAMA" and "PAPA" decided to go there early tomorrow that's why we could celebrate her birthday tonight...

Since pay day is on the 15th of the month, I don't have money to spend tonight so sis HONIE will be our open bank :))but as usual, this will be added to my credits on her!poor me!

I made MOM a birthday card, thanks to Microsoft office, PUBLICATIONS..ehehe...I dont need to make it on photoshop, the editing of mom's photo will be made by my sister...So I'm just waiting for her e-mail today :D

I am really excited for tonight!cant wait for it!yehey!

Last night, we went to carnaval...Daddy and I brought Miszha because she could not sleep and wanted to go outside...I dont know, I just got the feeling that she wanted to see the big ferris wheel...

Anyways, We won so many prizes on what they called "roleta"Miszha was our lucky charm...hehehe...

How to play roleta? Simply choose a letter or a number and put 1 peso on it, and then the lady will spin the roleta and wait for it to stop..If the roleta stops on the same number or letter you have chosen, then you win!That's it!simple as that!

That's all for now..catch you later guys!

December 10, 2008

Look at MISHZA! Shining like a star! Bright as the day, YOU'RE MY NUMBER ONE!..."
hahaha..probably most of you know the song of the NIDO Commercial by Sharon Cuneta and kids...It's Miszha's favorite, that's why instead of "LOK AT ME MOM" we changed it into "LOOK AT MISZHA"..Every time we sing it, MISZHA will show her cutest smile :)
Well, before anything else, I would like to thank sis HONIE (again) for the ice cream and cake...that soon, on pay day, I'm sure she will ask for the payments...LOLS! and for this kawaii picture of my baby...She looks like a baby bee to me!hahahha!


Anyways, it's wednesday today...tomorrow will be my MOM's birthday but unfortunately, she will not celebrate it with us...My cousin Ryan will get married on Friday, and they told us that "MAMA" and "PAPA" should be there at Laguna before friday, so that's tomorrow, right?....I guess, will just celebrate it together some other time :)....

That's for now guys, have a happy wednesday! It's another "Thank goodness it's WEDNESDAY!Happy humps day!

Catch you later guys!

December 8, 2008

My baby is growing really fast! Imagine, she is now 7 months old? Miszha started walking now ,thanks to her cousin's walker, and she also started talking..I am really happy because her first word was "MAMA" and then, "PAPA" and who will never forget for the "ABA"...ehehehe...
Also, she loves eating SOLID foods like, fruits and her favorite is banana, congee, biscuits, mashed potato and carrots, egg yolk, and her ever favorite, "CREAM of MUSHROOM"...hmmm...expensive right? hahahaha

Every 8th of the month, we always celebrate MISZHA'S DAY by cooking delecious foods and buying cake and ice cream for her... Of course, we never fail to take pictures of her every month and upload it to her account in friendster...yes read it right, she already have a friendster account that started when she was 2 months in my tummy :D....It's not obvious that I am FRIENDSTER ADDICT...ahahahah!

Anyways, My sister HONIE, my ever loving and kind sister, who's always there when we need her FINANCIALLY, ahahahah...will buy MISHZA macaroni and I think a cake :)...Hope so!She really love MISZHA and pretends as if she is her true MOM...but of course, it's ok for me :D She's MISZHA'S PRETTIEST AUNT :D (kidding...wahahahaha!)


Here's a candle for you to blow!

That's all for now! Catch you later guys!

December 6, 2008

When I got pregnant to her, on 5 months, I was diagnosed threatened abortion...I am really scared and hysterical that time...I was rushed to the hospital by my office mates in ABBOTT Philippines. I thought I would loose her...I thought I will not see her...I thought I will not be able to hold her hands, touch her skin, kiss her cheeks and lips and hug her!

MIRACLES do HAPPEN! Because of my family and friends prayers and support, MISZHA and I were both fine! All I need was just a bed rest and take some medicines...


So last May 08, 2008, at 8:00am, I gave birth to a healthy and cute little baby and named her Ma. Empress Miszha!
She got her good looks from her father.... I admit...many people said that Miszha was a copycut of his father...Although some people think that I looked like her, hehehe...But most of the time when we go out for our family bonding and meet up a friend or an acquaintance or accidentally see a long lost friend they would say, with matching pinch on Miszha's cheeks (poor MISZHA!)that....
"So cute! She looks like her father"...
If you'll gonna ask me if I got hurt and you think that I am hurt, then you are wrong! Infact, I am really proud! Simply because, I love Anthony that much that when I was pregrant, I hated him that much to the point that I dont want to see his face!hehehehe...
Really, I am thankful that God gave us Miszha...She is my everything! Our Everything...A gift from God that must be treasured, cared for and LOVED!Of course for giving me ANTHONY as the father,

December 4, 2008

I got really nervous and scared! I was going down the stairways when accidentally I met across the hallway our big boys! The chairman of the PGA Cars Inc. I really dont know what to do, should I stop or should I continue walking? But for sure I'll greet him a "Good Afternoon"...

I'm glad He is not in bad mood that time...he smiled and nodded his head for acknowledgement and then continued walking...Whew! It was a scary experience for me...

Finally I have the pictures of Nanay's Birthday. I made a blog about it last November 23 but I dont have any pictures of it so that's why I'll post some of it today.

If you want to see more of these visit my profile or click here ---> •☺gEnYZe☺•

Or if you're not on my friend's lists, then add me up! click here ---> •☺gEnYZe☺•

That's for now guys! Happy blogging!

December 3, 2008

Last night, Daddy and I talked about our wedding plans. When I browse my friendster account's new bulletins, One of my friend posted this kind of survey so I thought of posting it today...

So there you go...These are my wedding and our post-wedding plans :)enjoy reading it!



Future Husband (or who you wish would be): ANTHONY MOSES JULARBAL ROQUE


Number or bridesmaids: MOST LIKELY, 10





Where do you want to get married?: CHURCH OF COURSE



Age you want to be married: WHENEVER

Age now: 22

What time would the wedding be?: DAWN WOULD BE ROMANTIC

Your dress (white, off white, other): OFF WHITE WITH BURGUNDY AND PURPLE


Bridesmaid dresses: BURGUNDY AND PURPLE


To walk down the asile to: CANON

First Dance as couple: THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT

Dance with parents: DANCE WITH MY FATHER



Honeymoon place: PARIS

Length of honeymoon: WHENEVER

Will people be able to contact you: EMERGENCIES ONLY!

Will you be a virgin or not: DUH

"A happy marriage is a new beginning of life, a new starting point for happiness and usefulness"

December 1, 2008 did you know that it was ANDRES BONIFACIO DAY here in Philippines? Who is Andress Bonifacio anyway?

-Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro
(November 30, 1863May 10, 1897), son of Santiago Bonifacio and Catalina de Castro, was a Filipino revolutionary leader and one of the main rebel leaders of the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonial rule in the late 19th century. He is regarded as the "Father of the Philippine Revolution" and one of the most influential national heroes of his country. A freemason, Bonifacio was the founder of the Katipunan organization which aimed to start an independence movement against Spain.

Whew, that's a tough one! Every year, we celebrate the greatness of our National Heroes. Actually, it was his birthday today and because it happened that today is Sunday, President Gloria decided to move it on MONDAY, December 1 for the celebration and for special's what I like about

Enough of these! It was SUNDAY so its our family bonding again...Daddy, Miszha and I went to Robinsons mall...We went first to Men Section because Daddy will buy new clothes for him... I saw this cute white blouse at Jewel Store and since the store was still on Halloween Sale, The blouse cost only P100.00...eheheh...

We also bought Miszha a new Head gear...of course, its color PINK again (PINK IS LOVE)...

We ate at PIZZA HUT.. Daddy ordered Carbonara and Mushroom soup for Miszha. I ordered 1 Hawaiian Pizza. I think Miszha liked the taste of the mushroom soup because she keeps on grabbing the soup on the bowl and the spoon..

I made one silly thing! hahaha...But I wont tell it here...hahaahha!

I really feel sleepy, It was 12:22 midnight already...hehehe...I should be!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comGood night people Sweet dreams and God bless us all!