September 5, 2008

My GoodBye :(

One of the poems that I wrote when i feel lonely.

before i say my last goodbye,
as i wipe these tears off my eyes,
i want to let you know that i love you so,
but at this moment i must let you go.
please don't worry about me,
coz definitely i won't worry about you.
go on with your life, as i go on with mine,
it may be difficult, but you'll be fine.
just keep in mind i loved you like no other,
so go on and search for another lover,
as i will go my way to search for mine.
now the memories of you will i put behind.
it hurts to have to see you go,
but this is something that i must do.
we may have seemed compatible together,
but i believe we don't deserve each other.
the great times that you and i shared,
for some time will be cherished and remembered.
but i must now begin a new chapter,
without you being actually there.
so goodbye to you, my love,
goodbye to all the promises we have,
the thoughts of you am i putting aside,
and soon will i forget these tears i cried.