November 28, 2008

It's pay day! yahoo! Daddy and I will meet up at robinson to buy MISZHA'S needs and of course to buy something for us. Maybe a new dress or a blouse and a T-shirt for daddy will do :)

I wonder what another great experience will happen today...I keep on singing "you were always be, beautiful in me..." over and over again, is this what they call "LSS" (Last song syndrome)?hehehe.. I heared it on the bus an hour ago... And then they turn the radio off and put a cd on their player with MICHAEL JACKSON's Concert.. I dont like him at all so I decided to take a nap...

I took an early quiz today about HOW FASHIONABLE I AM... Kinda love purple right now so I chose this dress.

♥You are a very adorable person.♥
♥You have a sweet personality... and a sweet style.♥
♥You are quite easygoing and flexible. ♥
♥You could never be accused of being high maintenance.♥
♥You tend to wear whatever is comfortable but still chic.♥
♥You definitely don't buy into the idea that fashion is pain.♥
♥Your high end fashion designer match: VersaceYour must have accessory: A simple chain bracelet ♥
These results are good...All are true...heheheh....
“Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time.”

It was a boring TGIF day (Thank Goodness it's FRIDAY)! I really don't know what to blog right now. I can't think of any topic today because nothing happened last night except for the fact that Daddy and I ardgued about some silly things (again). But dont worry guys, it's just our way of "LAMBINGAN"...ehehhe...

When I woke up early morning, I've seen two mosquito bites on MISZHA'S arms (poor arms!..huhuhu). I put off lotion on her body to prevent mosquito bites but I guess the effect of it didnt last that long...I hate mosquito!

MISZHA woke up early too because of the children's noise outside. I found her at Daddy's chest peeping on a small hole on our wall. And there she saw the kids and look at me as if telling me to take her outside. As usual, she let her tongue out and gave me a sweet smile...These scene made me smile and laugh :)) hahahaha...

This picture is a sample of MISZHA showing her tongue...:)

Taken during her baptismal...October 26, 2008..See more on her FRIENDSTER

That's for now! Ciao!

November 27, 2008

It's "♥HAPPY THANKS GIVING DAY♥" in USA. I would like to greet them a "HAPPY THANKS GIVING DAY!"...specially for my relatives in HAWAII...

Because of this, Daddy did'nt have to go to work since the account that he's into in their center is an AMERICAN based...So definitely Daddy is at home right now taking care of our little girl, MISZHA. I'm sure Daddy will tell stories later on their bonding moment.

I'm really amazed of the stroy of DYOSA and I LOVE BETTY LA FEA... I havent watched the PINOY FEAR FACTOR because its timeslot changed last monday. I wonder who's leading right now? I want the "KARGADOR" in Tondo to win the prizes.He's my bet. I am crying too when he cries...I dont know why, maybe it's because we are both parents and where doing the best that we can for our family...eheheh...enough of this, I am teary eyed right now!

I was thinking of what I will blog today and found out that I have given a ♥CUTE'S BLOG AWARD♥ by SUPERGULAMAN. So i thought of posting it today. I want to thank him for giving me this award for I know that he did not forget me at all plus for the fact that according to my colleagues I am really cute :))...

So therefore, I decided not to pass it to anyone...wahaha...I know it sounds selfish eheheh...So I'm keeping this award for life....


November 26, 2008

Last night, Daddy and I got an argument about something. He slept outside our room, in the sofa. I woke up and went outside to wake him up and because the mosquitos are biting him he followed immediately. I thought we were fine, so I went back to sleep.

I woke up again at 2am and I saw daddy sleeping at the bottom part of our bed. He's head was at my feet...heheheh...So I woke him up again and told him to sleep beside me. That time, I kissed him on lips and he kissed me back...(uuuuuuuuuuyy..)

Daddy apologized and I said sorry too. He hugged me and kissed me in my forehead (that's what I like about sweet right?) and we went back to sleep with a BIG SMILE on our faces.

Anyways,speaking of SMILE... I want to thank baby-jhoice for the SMILE STONE AWARD. I really love this tag. Jhoice is my sister-for-real's HONIE of HONIE'S CONFESSION's bestfriend online.

♥Here are the ten simple things that makes me SMILE...♥




♥MY FAMILY including my MOM, DAD, BROTHER and SISTER...

♥KAIRE'S not ordinary moves...






Now I am tagging:









November 24, 2008

I really hate traffic! Daddy and I woke up 6:00 am to prepare for work. As usual, I took a bath first and after me, Daddy followed. We went out around 6:40 am and I thought that I will not be late since I have enough time to travel from house to the office.

We took an aircon bus again. Daddy told me that it was the same bus that we took last week, monday also, and got late too! I did not listen to him and insisted him to ride on the bus since it has a pleasant looks..LOOKS CAN REALLY BE DECEIVING..stupid me!

It was 7:30am. Daddy had to go down since his office was located at PHILCOA...Of course, he reminded me again that we will go home together and will meet up at MINISTOP..And then he kissed me goodbye...I was sleepy that time, so I decided to take a nap.

CUBAO, a very busy place. I really hate this place because this is where usually traffic started!8:00 am I was still in Cubao..OMG! I am late! I saw the JELL TRANS, our favorite bus! Since the aircon bus was so slow, I decided to get down from bus and took the JELL BUS! but i know I was still late but somehow it will lessen the minutes of being late...

8:30 am..I was still in the bus at SANTOLAN...huhuhu..I AM REALLY LATE!

8:50 am..FINALLY..I was in front of the office...



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November 23, 2008

Happy birthday NANAY!

Today is my soon-to-be mother-in-law's birthday...We went to SM megamall to celebrate it. Since it was lunch time we decided to go to a restaurant there. We found ourselves in the Kenny Roger's Resto. It was a crowded one but we manage to find a perfect place for us..a small round table and 4 couch. PERFECT!

Natalie and daddy ordered fried chicken, mush potatoes, and for the desert, they ordered choco and leche flan.

We really enjoyed our lunch but daddy ate all the choco mousse and nothing's left for me!huhuh!


after that, we decided to take pictures and stroll around. We found this BIBLE for kids and decided to buy it next time since we dont have enough money....eheheh


By the way, Nanay will go to AUSTRALIA for her vacation...BON VOYAGE!

November 21, 2008

Another day had past...early morning I received a text message from Bryan, my hubby's bestfriend...and here it goes...

"Prayer is where an amazing exchange happens. You hand over your worries and HE hands over HIS peace!
Be safe, be blessed!
Be aBlessing to others!"
So, guys, let's start our day with a prayer and all our worries will disappear!Thank God for this day and for the blessings that we have received!
That's all for now!

A rainy morning to all!Yey! I am not late!

Whew! It's my fifth day here in PGA cars and I can say that I'm really enjoying what I am doing right now...Seeing lots of celebrities here is really fun! Yesterday, Willie Revillame, actor and host of Wowowee was here and Arnel Ignacio, also Tito Sotto was here for the monthly maintenance of thier PORSCHE CARS...

Guess what guys? After 5 days of staying here, I already have my own business card..yehey!

Another great experience right?I think now, I have found the best job for me!

Anyways, Kuya Marc, Mareng Joshmarie and I decided to have an "EB" together with other bloggers!yehey!Don't you think it's great? So guys what are you waiting for? If you are interested to meet us personally, then hollaback!

That's all for now!

November 20, 2008

Here I am again!..I'm really sorry guys if I could not visit your blogs...huhuh..Im super busy right now in my new work...have so many pending jobs to do and so many things to learn...But as soon as I get free time, don't worry guys, I will visit you all! That's a promise!...

At last, I found a perfect job for me! The salary is good and Im under 3 months probation...yehey!

I got my last pay in including my christmas bonus and backpay last night at BDO, God is really Good!

Daddy and I will meet up again at Ministop Philcoa (as always) and we will go home together...yey!

Im really happy for Kuya Marc of MarcoPaolo for his successful blogging!and congratulations to mys sister Gelene of Honie's Confession for her oppurtunities in PAY PER POST...heheh..More opps to come!

I bought new blouse last night and I'm loving it! In fact I already used it today hehehe...

That's all for now!

November 16, 2008

Yehey! Another family day! Daddy, baby Miszha and I went to Robinsons for our bonding time. We went to Tronix for my Pictorial...(mltan100.blogspot.comhehehe 2 x 2 and 1 x 1 with white background) as a requirement for my new camera woman told us that after 10 mins we can get the picture. So we decided to stroll around and wait for the picture.

We found ourselves in a botique with lots of toys and head bands. We bought Miszha a new head band, color PINK, as . It's like the Angel wing used in ragnarok. We ate at Jollibee and put Miszha on high chair and fed her macaroni soup..I think she dont want the taste because after the first sip, she never opened her mouth

After that we went back to Tronix for my picture. Daddy loved it so much and asked me if he could get one...of course i said yes!

Then we went to supermarket to buy water and Miszha's milk but to our dismay, Miszha's milk was out of we went to the cashier and pay the Mineral water and went home!

Really love sunday!hehe!

November 14, 2008

.. Yesterday, I received a call from Ms. Emily, HR Head of PGA CARS Ortigas and told me that I have a scheduled interview with the chairman. I remember that I was scheduled to take my cheque (yehey!) at This includes my back pay, Christmas bonus and my last i decided to go to jobstreet first and then after that to PGA cars. 2:00 pm, I received the cheque and was surprised because for three months I gained P6,000 then I proceed to Ortigas for my final interview. I am really not fond of wearing high heeled and closed shoes but since Ms. Emily told me so, I have no choice! The chairman seems to be nice and welcome me to their company.hehehe..JUST GOT LUCKY!, they gave me the list of pre-employment requirements and tol me that on monday will be my official first day of

November 13, 2008

Yes! read it right! I got new job ( as Business Support Staff in PGA cars. Its because the last company that I
've been working these past few days was closed for some reasons. Unlucky , we had to say our goodbyes and start to look for a new job. Christmas season is near and I was jobless???

Anyways, helped me a lot to find a new one. I visited their website and found out that there are still companies who are hiring even though its november. I received a text message the other day that I was scheduled for an interview and examination at PESO GROUP OF COMPANIES. So i went there and took exams. Ms. Chai ask me what position I am applying for and told her that I prefer to be an IT staff or general clerk. I was right, PESO GROUP is an the company decided to send me to Prudential Guarantee Assurance in Makati. Whew!, Its too far from our house but still, I decided to go there for final interview. It was 2pm so I took a cab because I really dont know blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comhow to go to PGA building...

PGA Building- 4th Floor November 11

The receptionist told me to wait and fill up some information sheets. And then Ms. Rozanne called me for a one-on-one interview. She told me that the sister company located at ortigas was looking for staff right now and since I am from Caloocan, she told me that it would be fine if I will be assigned there..LUCKY ME!

Yesterday, NOv. 12, I went to PGA cars Ortigas. The HR assistant gave me again an info sheets to be filled up and examination sheet (againmltan100.blogspot.comhahahaha)...

I think I passed the exam because its really an easy one. I waited for about an hour because Ms. Emily, HR head was talking to some applicants for their orientation. After that, I took my lunch at their canteen.

1:30 pm, I came back and waited for the HR head, 3:30 Pm, she called me for an interview and to my surprise, Ms. Emily told me that I was over qualified for the position Data Necoder and gave me the position BUsiness Support Staff. blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comThen she endorsed me to what she called MANDING (probably will be my boss) ...

I had a 15 mins. interview with him and got scared on the way he looked at me and the way he asked me questions but of course I still managed to find words to answer After his interview I had another 20 mins interview to Mr. Bob, Manager and told me that I passed his interview but I have to wait for the chairman for the Go signal..

So today, November 13, I will have my final interview with the CHAIRMAN!eheheh.. Another nose bleed

Anyways, I have to get ready....I'll see you again!

November 5, 2008

Congrats Daddy Anthony! Yes you read it right! Daddy signed a contract on his job. Plus, we had the same schedule, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Isn't it amazing? We're really happy because we are blessed with nice work, me as Administrative officer and Him as a Call Center Agent and of course we are blessed with sweet little baby Miszha!

Daddy's comment on my friendster really made me smile and made my day! It was a boring day yesterday but Daddy made it a FABULOUS! If you're wondering why, click here-->

Yesterday, Daddy told me that he will fetch me up here in the office, but because I told him that it will be waste of money, we decided to meet at the MINISTOP in Philcoa.We bought Mango because I'm really craving for it, and ice cream chocolate flavoured. We decided to take a jeep instead of FX and in our dismay, they had the same fare..:( (the jeep and the FX).

We got home late, yes, but Mishza was still awake and waiting for us. We played for about 1 hour. Daddy and I were both tired but MISZHA took it all with just one smile!

Love you daddy and Miszha!

November 3, 2008

What’s into my mind today?
Nothing! I’m just feeling happy and contented. Daddy and I talked about something last night and decided to end it up that way. I know how much he loves me and nothing in this world can tear us apart.
Though there are “PERPATRATOR” and “WRECKER”, we still managed to sit on it and talked about it.

Yes! We are so much in love right now!
Yesterday, we went to mall. We bought PINK hat for Miszha and ask the sewer to stitch her name on at the center. After that we went to The Children’s Library where Daddy and I first met. We told Miszha about our love story there…hahaha si if Miszha knew what was happening…
We saw my Cousin, one of Miszha’s godparents and told us that they were on their way to attend mass. Miszha cried so hard when her aunt took her away from us. I’ve never seen Miszha cried that way.

Then we went to Mcdo to eat but I told daddy that I was craving for Spanish bread, and we decided to go home early...

YES! We are a happy family! SUNDAY IS REALLY FAMILY DAY!