September 20, 2008

EX ....

"guys kung hindi ninyo na ba mahal ex
ninyo d na kayo mag aaksaya ng oras?
at kht ba nasa mood kau at wla kau magawa.
e xa nlng un tao pede nio katxt papansinin ninyo?
db kung wla n kayo na raramdaman bkit p db ? hehe.

åьii ü

Wondering if it is worth trying to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back? Chances are you are you are not much bothered about why you want your ex back. Many amongst us fail to overcome the trauma involved in a broken relationship and become very much obsessive as well as desperate to get the boyfriend or boyfriend back at any cost. And that’s a gross mistake. You can’t get your ex back out of desperation, you need to think over the whole situation again and again rationally and then plan your course of action.

What went wrong and why?

It’s absolutely crucial that before trying to find out how to get your ex girlfriend back you need to ask your self why you want her back. And then comes the obvious question why did you breakup at all? What happened? Whose fault it was? Please don’t say, it’s all her fault. Even if that is the case think if there’s anything that forced her to make those mistakes. By the way, if you think it’s your fault then congrats, your possibility of getting your ex back just got brighter.

The time factor Make sure not to rush things and at the same time keep in mind that you don’t have endless time to make up your mind.

Calculate the number of days, weeks or months has gone by since you decided to split. Do you think your ex has had enough time to recover from the preliminary cause of anguish? What about you? Are you sure you really feel like going back to your girlfriend or boyfriend. The time factor can get a bit tricky because if you are in a hurry chances are you end up annoying your ex yet again and if you allow too much time to decide what exactly you want you might just end up being too late. So, keep your calm and try to do the right thing at the right time.

Do not show all your cards

You must not let your ex boyfriend or girlfriend know how desperate you are to get him or her back. On the contrary try to get some information like if he or she is still interested about you and is suffering the same way. Imagine how easy it could get for you if you come to know that your ex is also dying to get back to you. May be he or she is waiting for you to make the opening move. Sometimes it actually happens like that. Here you can ask a mutual friend who is well connected with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend to help you. Don’t panic even if you find that your ex is already dating with somebody else. Remember in spite of everything you can still get him or back.

Finally, blogger-emoticon.blogspot.commake sure you actually offer some kind of guarantee that there is a gross improvement in the situation that once led to the breaking up of the relationship.

So, as you are ready to approach your ex boyfriend or girlfriend in order to get him or her back in your life, you must ensure that there is an element of surprise that would make your ex consider your proposal seriously. If he or she finds that there is positively a change in the situation, your job is done. Now it is only matter of time before you get your ex back.


=Matsuo Masahiro= said...

mmmhhhh..prang bringing back to life...pero inde ko p din gets...ahehehe... comment..ahahaha...