December 22, 2008

How's everyone? Hope you are all fine...As for me, I'm kinda sad because Miszha is kinda sick today! It's because of her cough and runny nose! I woke up 2am today because I felt Miszha's hot temperature. I cradled her and took her to my Mom's room, her LOLA MAMA and asked for the TEMPRA Drops, but unfortunately, Miszha's Aunt, KIKAY, who's celebrating her birthday right now (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, may all your wishes come true!)borrowed it when Kaire got fever and forgot to return it...

But I know, with the help of your prayers guys, Miszha will be fine :) I called Daddy to check Miszha and he told me that Miszha is still hot...Hope and pray Miszha is fine now! It's really sad when one of the members of your family is not feeling well...:(

By the way, this picture was taken when last sunday where Daddy brought Miszha to my soon to be Mother-in-law at PASIG...And since my sis got new PINK DIGICAM, of course,a picture addict like her, she took a snap shot for Miszha! I'm glad that her cybershot Digicam caught Miszha's SWEET smile :)

Please pray for Miszha's health huh?! Thanks and I will appreciate it so much!

Catch you all guys later! THREE days to go before XMAS! HAppy Holidays!


MarcoPaolo said...

Get well soon Miszha! MWAH

Jhoice said...

Waa miszha is sick again,Err I hope she'll feel better soOn sis, GOSH having a sick is so terrible, esp those runny nose and caughing, poor miszha.
But we're to pray for mishza's health, Mwah, She lOoks cute in her dress=D hihi

Lav yah misha

kosa said...

get well soon baby!

yun pa naman ang pinakamahirap na makita para sa isang magulang na tulad mo.. mabuti na yung makulit kesa nananahimik at nagkakasakit..

'll pray for her.

merry xmas po!

Mike Avenue said...

Get well soon, Miszha!

Mahirap kapag nagkakasakit ang bata kasi hindi natin malaman kung ano ang masakit!

Pagdadasal ko ang kaniyang mabilisang paggaling!

Merry Christmas sa 'yo, Genyze!

bert loi said...

pagaling ka miszha! merry christmas!

the donG said...

it's my first time here and it's great that it's all wishes. i wish that she'll get well soon too.

Merry Christmas!

darkhorse said...

Get well baby! and Merry Christmas po sa lahat! tc

beng said...

Merry Christmas sis! awts, malas naman, may sakit pa si baby Miszha.. sige, i'll pray for her, sana gumaling na siya..

Cute ni baby miszha sa pic ah.. todo smile pa siya. :)

Merry Christmas sis.. :)

kikai said...

hi sis!
long time no chat.
im really sorry for that.

btw, i hope ur baby is well already. its already xmas.

happy holidays sis! merry christmas and a happy new year!
miss yah! lab yah!

Joops said...

Hope that your lil' bundle of joy is feeling good now..

btw, i am now following your blog..

ryliej said...

i hope that your cutie pie is doing alright now, happy new year!

misty said...

hello there, how's your baby now?

chubskulit said...

happy new year!