September 8, 2008


Have you ever wondered if there is only one person

created just for you? What people refer to as: your

soul mate , the one , your other half , the one that

completes you , your partner, the love of your life,

the one your Creator created you for and vice versa .

The real reason you were born, etc.

And what if in all this chaos we call life, your one

and only is out there, but current chaotic situation

and circumstances prevent you to be together .

Or even if you have accomplished all the goals you

have set out to do, and you think that your life is at

peace; settled. Yet other circumstances still prevent

you to be together .

What if you already found him/her at one point in your

life, but you made the mistake of letting go of

him/her for one reason or another .

What if your paths have crossed once, twice, or even

more and yet with all the chaos that's taking your

attention away into many directions, you failed to

recognize him/her .

What if life was really meant to be for the sole

purpose of finding that one person, and feeling

complete, and that everything else is meant to be

secondary - just the background for being with that

one person, feeling complete and living a life in love .

And all the books and knowledge of the world written

about relationships are there, only to give us some

feeling of comfort or security; and yet, even with all

of it read, it is not enough to explain that one

feeling you can't seem to have - completeness; and

you'll always feel incomplete, yearning to find the

one true love of your life. And no matter how hard you

try to convince yourself with words like love and

fate, you still feel incomplete .

You think the other person next to you is the one, yet

you're deceived by other circumstances, real or


You get married, you have children, you buy a house,

you settle down, so to speak. But deep inside you, in

your very essence, you know you haven't settled; that

you're not even close to contentment because your one and

only is not the one you married. And you are unwilling

to accept it because of your situation – created by chaos

- societal, political, economic, environmental, etc .

And for the rest of your life, you keep on distracting

yourself with all this chaos - this thing we call

life. But when you're left alone, you wonder. You feel

grateful for all that you have, even for the beautiful

creature lying next to you. Yet the one that could

complete you never did . And he/she's thinking the same

thing, out there, somewhere.


=Matsuo Masahiro= said...

anung "what if"??...basta kung anu at anuman..un n un...:D..galing galing...

hOniE-GeLenE said...

ahuuuy,, nde ko na gets eh.. :D charing.. yung mga post mo..malalande.. anu ba to love blog..:))

Marlene said...

waaahh...uu nga ... bakit ganon???