September 8, 2008

Have you ever wondered, especially when one of friends is on this kind of relationship, why do they keep themselves together?

Or why do they hold hands whenever their together?

And when you ask them (or one of them for that matter), "Are you together?" They'll answer with a smile and a shrug...

"Don't know...." then when you look into their eyes, you see uncertainty and happiness at the same time...

Don't it bothers your mind? MU or mutual understanding or better yet, love without commitment is what this situation is better known. Its fun and everybody has in one way or the other experience it. To define it simply, its a phase wherein the persons involved are more than friends but not quite lovers... Hard to understand? Its like this... you and this person meets... Boom! Chemistry... you started talking... going out... then without any of you knowing it.. you're holding hands... kissing.... ":D"...

Well, it can be fun but there is a great risk involved....

1) YOU CAN'T ASK HIM OR HER TO COMMIT >Since you have no 'relationship' , you can't demand commitment from the guy/girl. Besides, what's up with you 2? You're just 2 individuals enjoying each other's company? This my friends will leave you with a feeling of uncertainty. you don't know where you stand in his/her life. You cannot expect from him/her that he/she will always be there whenever you need him/her. If ever the green monster attacks, you have no option but to keep it to yourself.... again, You don't have the right to get jealous!

2) YOU CAN'T BE SURE OF HIS/HER TRUE FEELINGS > Alright, you're together, your chemistry's good, you feel like you knew him since birth (exaggerated!) but what is it really? What is it that you feel for each other? You may have already declared to your close buds that you have fallen for that person but what about him/her? Are you sure that your not just assuming too much? On the other hand, no matter how much you like to tell him/her of your feelings, you can't... Why? Because you are also scared of disappointment. Because you're not sure how he'll/she'll take it. MU is cool.

No commitment, no strings attached. But once it goes beyond being comfortable together, that's when the problem begins. Once 'feelings' gets into the picture... PROBLEM! It hurts more when you love the guy and your expectations are as high as the moon above that you'll be a couple... then suddenly, he/she disappears. As in, no text, email, call as in nothing. ZERO. Now, how will you deal with that? One solution:

Although I know that its really hard to do, have the balls to do it! That's should clear things up with the both of you. Although results are not guaranteed to be the one you are expecting, at least you have no regrets. At least you made things clear. And if ever the wind goes the other way from you... well, just let go. That's how life works... if you're not meant for each other, you're not!!... Don't Push through... it would hurt you more.

Just move on right? =)


jhoicexoxo said...

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