October 12, 2008

Yesterday, I asked my sister to edit Miszha's picture for invitation card for her BAptismal..but unfortunately we cannot choose of right picture to use since all her pictures were kawaii hehehe...So we decided to take Miszha and had her all dressed up for the pictorial session...

And here's the result of her pictorial..I'm sure you'll love it!!!

The person behind her was her LOLA my Mom (so excited for the pictorial)...Look how Miszha smiled when we told her that it's for her invitation ...

Here's another shoot for her...

Isn't she cute?...anyways, after an hour we have finished the invitation card for her baptismal...just wait for it I'll post it here some other time...It's a surprise...


This tag is from my sister for real gelene of HONIE'S CONFESSION... I really cant think of fictional characters right now because she already included 5 of my favorite fictional characters...
ahahaha...but since i love this tag, I made several list that I know most of you knew...

may i qoute this one..

"List ten fictional characters you'd rape, I mean fool around with....hahaha, and tag whoever you want to pick up the meme."-----> HONIE

2. L of Death Note I love him too!!!!
3. Master Kakashi (Love his eye cover)
4. Kurosaki Ichigo of Bleach..
5. SHUYA NANAHARA of battle royale ("named LIGHT" in Deathnote)
6. Souma Yuki of Fruits Basket (SAME)
8. TUXEDO MASK of Sailor Moon
9. RUKAWA KAEDE of Slum Dunk

"Obviously I love anime characters....."----> love anime characters too...ehehehe..

now i am tagging: Hannah, Glitter, mARCopAOlo, maRENG maRLEnE, Mareng Marie,

"Can't tag you sis sister already gave you this you sis"


hOniE-GeLenE said...

cute cute baby

kikai said...

ang cute ng baby!!! :-)

btw, i also love vincent of ghost fighter.. nyahaha XD

waahh.. anu ba un special mention.. nyaha.. ok lng un sis :-) di ko nga natapos ng 10 ung sakin eh.. 3 lng nalagay ko.. hehe

sis, bka gusto mo iedit ung settings nung comments mo para mka comment din ung wlang blogger/open id. para pwede name and url lng ilagay :-)

MarcoPaolo said...

talaga naman! may pinagmanahan ang batang iyan!

nahj12 said...

cute ng bata. .kalbo.. ehhee.. nakahead band pa. .hehe.. pwera usog po..

theFLIPgirl said...

ang cutes nman..=D anyway, like mo rin pala si L??..hehe.=D

MarcoPaolo said...

psssttt... thanks sa TAG pala... oyy! how's your new work?

♥GEnYZe♥ said...

baby ko yan...cute no?mana skin..

@kuya marc..
Ok nmn work...MADUGO:D

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