October 17, 2008


Hey guys, got nothing much to do today so i decided to blog hop and post a new entry.
I received an email from my friend requesting for this post..She wrote this poem to for her Boyfriend to tell him how much he love him and to appreciate all the good things that they've shared.
Leica is one of my good friend in We have common thoughts and personalities though sometimes i think she's over reacting when it comes to relationship. I can't blame her because I know he really love her boyfirend.

She asked me if i could post it here as her gift for her love one.Leica is really sweet when it comes to DANIEL (bf).ehehe

Anyways, here it is hope you'll like it to...

"I just find myself writing a poem about what i felt to my bf which i missed for a week and 3 days...this poem was entitled YAM (i used to call him that way which means "YOU ARE MINE")"----------> Leica

Everyday i was hoping
To see the person im loving
I miss to hug & show him
How much i really adore him
To kiss & to whisper i love you
Is the thing i always wanted to do
To this boy who have my heart
I don't want us to be apart
Im hoping to see you tonight
Where my dark & loney night
Could be as light
As the shining starlight
I wonder if you already knew
How to be loneLy without you
Im hoping & wondering too
That i'll be with you forever blue
You are mineSeems like i find
A different kind of mine
That i will love & treasure for a lifetime...
Time to blog hop :)


kikai said...

its really a sweet poem! :-) godbless their relationship!


Marlene said...

wow mare...makataners...

MarcoPaolo said...

Good job Leica... in love!!!!! hehee

Chyng said...

im here! ;)

JoShMaRie said...

galeng naman. may talent ka!