October 16, 2008

Still Coping!

Its awful....I'm still coping for the company's processes and system..
Last day, Mr. Mac Cabrera gave me a copy of ISO documents that contain all the ins and outs of the company. It's really hard for me to understand stated informations because of "TECHNICALITY of WORDS " . I'm having a hard time understanding GENERATOR SETS, TRANSFORMER, etc. since I'm an Information Technology Graduate and what i have learned in school is different from what Im' into right now.

THIS IS BLOODY! Anyways, Our Admin Head called up a meeting to orient me and the admin assistant regarding our work description (ATLAST!!!:D). She told us our DO's and DONT's, the rules and regulations, etc..

Mr.Sam told me that I'll be handling the GENERATOR SETS (What's That? :D) and all chemicals that we supply. This includes preparing Delivery reports and Sales Invoice (0oooops...he also told me that my work and company's system are confidential..hahah :D)

Anyways, since i dont know anything about chemicals, I ask questions from my co-workers about it and I'm familiarizing myself to them...( CRAZY!!! :D)..

LUNCH time, I went out with my office mates and we found this JAPANESE Restaurant in SANGANDAAN. I order Chicken Teryaki (my favorite!) and TED, my gay officemate ordered CALIFORNIAN and MIXED ASIAN Maki. I really dont like the tase of MAKI..eehehe:D

Luckily, our boss was out of the office to fix some problems outside that's why I'm free to create new post and to BLOG HOP!

I really miss my PALS in and in abbott philippines..Hope to see them in MISZHA's baptismal,but i know they cant because they have work every SUNDAY.LOLS :) but I'm sure Abbott Family will be there...:D Love you Guys

That's all for now :D


kikai said...

I also dont understand ur work.. lol XD
y did u changed work? :-)

anyway.. godbless on ur job.. i think ull get used to it soon.. :-) just be strong enough to pass through the 1st few days and maybe eventually you'll be happy in ur job :-)

♥GEnYZe♥ said...

hahaha..hell nga kasi sa jobstreet eh...
i want new adventure kasi and challenges..gusto ko nmn ma feel ang pressure sa work :D

JoShMaRie said...

sa abbot ka pala dati... :)

♥GEnYZe♥ said...

yup MAre sa abbott philippines y?

may kilala ka ba dun?

Chyng said...


company hoping! hobby ko din yan. ;)

♥GEnYZe♥ said...

ahahaha :D
sarap palipat lipat dami nami-meet :D

MarcoPaolo said...

ABBOTT Family???

asa u! ahahahaha