December 1, 2008

FAMILY BONDING... did you know that it was ANDRES BONIFACIO DAY here in Philippines? Who is Andress Bonifacio anyway?

-Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro
(November 30, 1863May 10, 1897), son of Santiago Bonifacio and Catalina de Castro, was a Filipino revolutionary leader and one of the main rebel leaders of the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonial rule in the late 19th century. He is regarded as the "Father of the Philippine Revolution" and one of the most influential national heroes of his country. A freemason, Bonifacio was the founder of the Katipunan organization which aimed to start an independence movement against Spain.

Whew, that's a tough one! Every year, we celebrate the greatness of our National Heroes. Actually, it was his birthday today and because it happened that today is Sunday, President Gloria decided to move it on MONDAY, December 1 for the celebration and for special's what I like about

Enough of these! It was SUNDAY so its our family bonding again...Daddy, Miszha and I went to Robinsons mall...We went first to Men Section because Daddy will buy new clothes for him... I saw this cute white blouse at Jewel Store and since the store was still on Halloween Sale, The blouse cost only P100.00...eheheh...

We also bought Miszha a new Head gear...of course, its color PINK again (PINK IS LOVE)...

We ate at PIZZA HUT.. Daddy ordered Carbonara and Mushroom soup for Miszha. I ordered 1 Hawaiian Pizza. I think Miszha liked the taste of the mushroom soup because she keeps on grabbing the soup on the bowl and the spoon..

I made one silly thing! hahaha...But I wont tell it here...hahaahha!

I really feel sleepy, It was 12:22 midnight already...hehehe...I should be!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comGood night people Sweet dreams and God bless us all!


hOniE-GeLenE said...

aww. alam ko kung anu yun..=))

darkhorse said...

dba sya yun a-tapang a tao?! wag na nga yun juk na

It's nice to have family bonding - get closer and warmer

MarcoPaolo said...

wow... one happy family!!!

hoy! gift ko! hehehe