December 17, 2008


How's everyone? Today, my boss was not in the office because of High Blodd pressure yesterday. His B.P. was 145 over 102! That was a high one! So Porsche Service may work calmly and without pressure :)

Tomorrow will be our company's Christmas Party. Everybody was very excited because our theme will be based from High School Musical...So definitely we will wear something very high school looks like school uniform and with some school props...
It's my first Christmas here in PGA Cars Inc., that's why I am really excited about it...
Did I tell you guys that Daddy and I bought another head gear for Miszha?! It's a pink (again)head band and since we had nothing much to do we took some photos of it.. :)

Look at the head band? Isn't it cute? Look how Miszha bowed down just to kiss my lips :))
Anyway,Christmas is coming near but I still don't have gifts for my godchildren :( It's because I dont have much time to go to malls to dhop :(..I'm too busy for it..But I'm planning to shop next week :) I have money to spend :))
It's gonna be Miszha's FIRST CHRISTMAS! I, as a mother is very excited for it :)...Definitely this will be the most memorable Christmas ever, since this is the first time that will be celebrating with a baby in the house. And not just that an ordinary baby, but our own cute and adorable baby!


MarcoPaolo said...

oyy... solid sila.... hehehehe

Lord CM said...

Hehehe :D Bigla ko tuloy na-miss pamilya ko...paskong hindi kasama ang pamilya na naman ang parating :(

kosa said...

yeahhh the headban looks nice...
hahaha.. sige maligayang pasko po sa inyung buong angkan..

beng said...

naku.. wawa naman ng boss mo.. pahinga nalang muna siya..

wow.. ang cute naman ni baby mizsha.. :)

same here sis, di pa ko shopping for all my inaanak.. :) kuripot ko kasi.. lols..

PaJAY said...

kainggit naman dito..puro Halikan....nakakamiss ng kahalikan...lolz...nice nice.

Mike Avenue said...

First xmas pala ni Miszha. Good luck sa inyo!

Jhoice said...

hi` sis,
sounds fine nfeed=D
ah` hope yo` boss will feel better soon though ah` know
it feels mo`e comfy when he's not around, haha=D

ennyway sis, miszha be gettin` bigger as ah` kin see.
She looks mo`e adorable, ah` kin't imagine havin` a baby
ah` guess ah` won't stuff buying stuff fo` her either=D

Happy holiday sis
ah` hope u`ll be able to shop some gifts
for ur \"godchildren\" xmas be upcomin`=D HuRray!

fei said...

yah.. a new member of the famiLy.. a cute baby~ weee... mas masaya x'mas nyo nyan for sure.. cute nung headband ^^ bagay kay baby.. sana sa kanya mo pinasuot sis haha!.. xD

kahit ako dpa nkakabiLi ng gifts for my inaanak-S haha.. 3 pa nman siLa.. hays..

kei said...

aww.. i hope you enjoy your x'mas's today right? :)

and ang cute nung band~ it's pink :)