April 16, 2009

Hi guys!

This entry is for my blogfriend Faith.

Help her win at Bhabiejhoice-xoxo 1st contest!She really wanna win on this contest! Pretty Please?=)
I know you guys are aware that Ate Jhoice of is having her 1st ever contest!

Faith,a good friend of mine is joining in her contest!My friend really wanna win this one! So let's help her win!

~The Awesome Prizes~

First Prize :

Price Package valued at $60.Including such things as : hollister tops/tee, V.S perfume, Aero tee, etc.. PLUS $10.00 and a 1year (dot) net domain.125×125 advertisement on

Second Prize:

$15 Cash, and 1year (.info) domain125×125 advertisement on

Third Prize:

$10 Cash and 1year (.info) domain125×125 advertisement on sexychiicq.netSupport Faith!

Repost this blog entry!Let's help her win!More infos about the contest?

Click it here!


kumagcow said...

You are in my blogroll,so I visited to invite you over to :)