April 17, 2009


Ok Ill admit it, Im addicted to Farmtown in Facebook as well - just love it to bits! if any of you luscious people care to add me, just let me know and Ill give you the details.

Good to know Im not the only one lols!

For those who are not, well, Im warning you, once you get into it, you'll never know hot to get rid of it!

No, just kidding! Lols!

What is farmtown?

Farm Town is like a mini sims-online where you grow stuff and sell it and then buy more stuff and land and things,etc...Easy,right?

The only thing is that in order to take full advantage of all the points and awards you can get, you need as many "neighbors" as possible, and neighbors can only be drawn from among your facebook friends. This may result in you being tempted to add friends you only just met in the game.Lols...
If you want, pm me your Facebook user name, and Ill add you and invite you to be my Farm Town neighbor. ..wahahahah!


MarcoPaolo said...

dyan ka naadik... tsk tsk puro laro na lang di nagtatrabaho... lolz

ColorsEveryWhere said...

hi sis! i'm addicted too... ano level mo na now?