June 3, 2010


1 heartbreak.
2 eyes crying.
3 words never said again.
4 hands that won't be held.
5 mornings i'll pass him in the halls.
6 love notes ripped and torn.
7 days a week you'll think of him.
8 sad songs at night before you go to sleep.
9 wishes that never came true.
10 years before he realizes that it has always been you...

Mathematically, loving someone is not as easy as simple algebra. you have to love infinitely without limits. but learning to let go someone you love is harder. because the cure cannot be derived and simply does not exist.

It's funny how sometimes you've been doing everything to get out of one place and when you've found the time to leave, it's when you've also found a reason to stay.

never say that someone completes you. we have to feel whole even when we are by ourselves, for needing a certain someone is not love but dependency. wanting a person to become part of your life is the best reason for having them. and you can only want when you know you have enough. so rather than search for someone who will complete you, wait for the person who will complement your completeness.

it's quite ironic that in life, the person that brings out the best in you and the one that makes you strong is actually your weakness..

when something's over, it's over. it can never start again. when it's broken you can never put back the pieces. life is not the way you want it to be. when you that someone's hurting you so much, just stop. we know that it hurts a lot, but you must learn to let go things. don't push yourself too hard. coz we all know, that in every ending, there's such a thing that we call the beginning..

sometimes, fate has a cruel way of putting things together. maybe it's better if people just give up when there's no point in fighting for something anymore. when the ship has finally sailed, only a fool would go after when it's already miles away. but sometimes, it's a lot better to be a fool to go after what we want and need, rather than to regret everything in the end because we never even tried..