June 10, 2010


My fathers love never places judgment on me,

his loves comes unconditional and unselfishly.

For all the things you've done to show how much you care,

never lets me forget that you will always be there.

I'll never forget all the affection you have showed in so many ways,

faithful to me as a father you’ve never missed a day.

The way you look at me with a twinkle in your eye,

no matter my situation, if I'm laughing or if I cry.

You have taught me the difference between right & wrong,

and as I became a woman, you taught me to be strong.

I'll always be grateful for you being there,

through my struggles and my strife,

because of your encouragement, you've taught me the meaning of life.

Now you raise my little daughters who are so close to your heart,

another little girls whom from their lolo they can’t stand to part.

Just a baby now, you teach them as they grow,

I sit back and I smile because one day they will know,

This special man who they call lolo and papa ,is the one person who’ll be there when they are happy or they are sad.

When they grow there will be no doubt in their mind,

of that one person they loved who never left them behind.

Each day as you look in the mirror I pray that you see,

there’s no one in the world who’ll ever mean more to my sister,my babies,kuya, mama and me.