October 30, 2008

“what is meant to be” can mean so many things to so many different people. i know now what it means. it has a lot to do with time and not so much emotion. sometimes, two people are meant to be, but they weren’t meant to be at the same time so in all reality, wasn’t meant to be? are you following so far?

then, you can have something meant to be with someone who’s meant to be at a time that’s even meant to be only leaving things to be put simply as, “meant to be”. you’re good if I haven’t lost you at that one.

anywho, it’s all about time! i’m not saying be emotionless because that is no way to live. i am also not saying to not fight for something you really want even though you think it’s not meant to be or is! all i am getting at this is: don’t let something ruin your mood, your day/week/years, personality, future, past, etc. let go! you’ll know when.

if you ever need someone to look you dead in the eyes and tell you that it’s time to let go because you can’t do it for yourself, i am here. if you are reading this you are obviously my friend and i would hope that any one of you would do the same for me.

it took me a long time to look myself in the eye to do this. so, if you want to think deeply on this, think about someone you really dislike… someone you could even go so far as to say you hate. to yourself, think of the reasonings behind it, feel the anger. now, to yourself again, ask, is this anger worth my time? was the reasoning really something that could effect my life in such a way?

let it go… find it in yourself to truely not care anymore about something so trivial! he cheated on me/he lied/he stole my blah blah blah… LET GO! you have better things to do with your time. anger is such a loose end.

if i die right now, i want all my ends tied.


MarcoPaolo said...

finally, u have new post. i am always waiting for a new from you.

and yes, letting go is the best way.....

tc ;)

♥GEnYZe♥ said...

wahahah....mejo busy lang kuya!