November 3, 2008

What’s into my mind today?
Nothing! I’m just feeling happy and contented. Daddy and I talked about something last night and decided to end it up that way. I know how much he loves me and nothing in this world can tear us apart.
Though there are “PERPATRATOR” and “WRECKER”, we still managed to sit on it and talked about it.

Yes! We are so much in love right now!
Yesterday, we went to mall. We bought PINK hat for Miszha and ask the sewer to stitch her name on at the center. After that we went to The Children’s Library where Daddy and I first met. We told Miszha about our love story there…hahaha si if Miszha knew what was happening…
We saw my Cousin, one of Miszha’s godparents and told us that they were on their way to attend mass. Miszha cried so hard when her aunt took her away from us. I’ve never seen Miszha cried that way.

Then we went to Mcdo to eat but I told daddy that I was craving for Spanish bread, and we decided to go home early...

YES! We are a happy family! SUNDAY IS REALLY FAMILY DAY!